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"Pitjantjatjara singer-songwriter Frank Yamma has long been one of Australia's strongest indigenous voices. From his 1990s central desert recordings – both solo and with his band Piranpa – through to his more recent albums Countryman (2010) and Uncle (2014), Yamma's heartfelt lyrics and moving delivery have always set him apart as an exceptional artist."

Seth Jordan - Songlines UK

“... one of Australia’s most sought after indigenous artists.

Yamma’s heartfelt set of husky, beautiful songs hit the AWME crowd like a sucker punch...”

Songlines /BBC3 (5 Star Review)

“The voice grabs you first, a soulful shout of pain and yearning to connect and remember.

But it’s the voice, relating hard tales with honesty and emotion that makes this a raw, stripped-back classic.”

The Independent UK


To celebrate one year since the release of Frank Yamma's double release of Tjukurpa: The Story and The Kulila Project, we are excited to release the new music video for 'Tjintu Kutu (Jinku Mix)'.


This track was a highlight of The Kulila Project and was a previously unreleased recording that was remixed by EA Wave's Jinku. Jinku’s treatment of ‘Tjintu Kutu’ turns Frank’s vocals into a haunting refrain accompanied by atmospheric and sparse beats.

This evocative clip edited by Matej Kolmanko features footage generously provided by Rebecca McLean, the producer of Nganampa Manta - The 25th Anniversary of Land Rights on the APY Lands SA.


Kolmanko expressively weaves footage for this 25th-anniversary celebration shot on Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara land by David Nixon and Shane Mulcahy with footage from Kintore and surrounds shot by Paul Sweeney as well as extra video from Rex Guthie.


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